Student’s Choice Book Club

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Book Club Meetings: The First Wednesday of every month.

We’ll talk about books we’ve read, choose new books, and every so often, we’ll eat pizza.

Be There!!!!!!

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Do you like books?  Do you like spending other people’s money? Well, if you do, you’ve got to join the student choice book club.  The library staff wants to bring in books that students are excited about and books that will get and will talk to their friends about.  So, we’ve partnered up with Ms. Thompson and decided that you’re going to spend some of our money.


Check out the steps below and decide if you’re interested:

Step 1:

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Fill in the form below and submit your name.


Step 2:

chairs_meeting_619Attend the meetings to understand expectation and to set a shopping date.



Step 3:  

Go Shopping and Choose The Library a New Book.


Step 4:

Read the novel.Newspaper-Feed-icon

Step 5:

Meet to discuss novels and make buying recommendations to Ms. Thompson and the Library Staff.



Step 6:

Write a review to be posted on the library website.


Fill out this form and become part of our advisory team.