Exit, Pursued by a Bear

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Exit, Pursued by a Bear
E.K. Johnston
Young Adult

Exit, Pursued by a Bear is a powerful read for all ages. With sickening pages filled with hurt,
grief and survival, it keeps you enthralled. This book is a stand alone novel, written by E.K.
There is something so undeniably beautiful about the style of Exit, Pursued by a Bear. The
emotional language and the passion was sunk into these pages with every “i” dotted. Compared
to other books of this magnitude, detailing a tragic story of rape and the rising above, this is my
favourite. E.K. Johnston manages to capture the story by detailing a not-so- cliché story.
I was expecting cliche from this story. However, I was blown away. E.K. Johnston delivered
powerful characters and linked them to character symbols we already know and love. Linking
Hermione’s name to Hermione Granger (from Harry Potter) was wonderful, as I’m a big Harry
Potter fan.
The novel details the story of a young girl named Hermione, the captain of her school’s
cheerleading squad, who at the moment leads a perfect life. However, after disaster strikes at a
cheerleading camp, everything changes.
The message is powerful. I’d say, it makes us think that society needs to slow down and look at
the damage we continue to do to sexual assault victims.