Inferno, Review by Samantha Laverton

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Inferno, Review by Samantha Laverton Book Cover Inferno, Review by Samantha Laverton
Robert Langdon #4
Dan Brown

Inferno by Dan Brown is a riveting novel perfect for young adults.  Taking place in Italy, it’s full of mystery, suspense and surprise.

Getting off to a thrilling start, Robert Langdon – the protagonist of the story – wakes up in a foreign hospital only to find that he’s been shot, and has been unconscious for the past few days. When danger arrives at the hospital, Langdon barely escapes with the help of a young nurse. When the duo finds a strange piece of art in Langdon’s jacket, they enter a complex world of confusion, and ominous characters, with danger at every turn.

Although I’ve read some other books by this author, this one was by far my favorite. While reading this story, I learned a lot about some old art. Usually I find art to be a boring topic, but because it played such an important role in such an exciting story, I was able to enjoy learning more. Another thing I enjoyed about this story was how well the author described the characters. Each of them had detailed and sometimes emotional back stories which really helped draw me into the story. My favorite thing about this story however, was its ability to be interesting and exciting from the beginning to the very end.

If you are a fan of the action and or suspense genres, then this book is for you! I will warn you however; this book isn’t classified as a teen book. It’s actually classified as an adult book. There’s not too much violence, and no mature love scenes, but the main character is in his forties, so if you’re looking for a cliché teen love story, you’re in the wrong place. Even if that is the case, I would honestly still recommend this book to you. When I first read it, I wasn’t actually a huge fan of the summary. Once I read the book though, it quickly became one of my favorites! I hope that you will read this book and enjoy it just as much as I did. Happy reading!

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