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Steelheart, Review by Aidan Scarcella Book Cover Steelheart, Review by Aidan Scarcella
Brandon Sanderson
Gollancz (UK)

Aidan Scarcella


Steelheart, by Brandon Sanders is an intriguing action packed adventure and is the first of three great books in the Reckoners series. This is a first-rate book and I highly recommend reading it. Brandon Sanderson really made the characters come to life and made this book greatly suspenseful making the book readable for hours on end.


This amazing story follows 18-year-old David Charleston in Newcago (Chicago). When David was 8 years old his father was murdered in cold blood by Steelheart on the day of “The great transformation” which is when the city was turned to steel. Ever since that day David has lived by himself collecting information on powerful meta-humans known as epics and exacting revenge on Steelheart; emperor of Newcago.


The Reckoners are a shadowy group of people who assassinate minor epics. When David finds out that the Reckoners are in Newcago for an assassination attempt he knew this was his only chance to possibly join the Reckoners. But when the hit goes south David ends up helping the Reckoners and joining them too. But what secrets do the Reckoners hold and how far will David go to get revenge for his father and his city?


This was a great novel. It was a real page turner. There were many plot twists giving the book an edgy tone and made the book more and more exiting every time you flipped the page. The author gave a great backstory about David, but some were not very developed. I thought this didn’t reflect on the book negatively since the non-developed characters didn’t play a large role in the book. There are two more books in the series as well and both are equally as good. Overall this book was great and I highly suggest reading it.


I would recommend this book to anyone who likes action and adventure. Anyone who likes a book that really intrigues them would like this book. Brandon Sanderson really made the characters come to life and I always felt like I was in the book, living as David. It is very well written and always keeps you into the book. Making it readable for hours on end.

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