Infinite in Between review by Carly Roberts

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Infinite in Between, Review by Carly Roberts Book Cover Infinite in Between, Review by Carly Roberts
Carolyn Mackler

Told from the perspective of five very unique characters, this novel follows them all through four very important years: High school. From grade nine until grade twelve, somehow Infinite in between by Carolyn Mackler weaves all their separate lives together. Gregor, Whitney, Jake, Zoe, and Mia start out in the same grade nine orientation group. They decide for their project, to write letters to their future selves and open them again at graduation. After the orientation, each one goes back to living their lives separately, but all are somehow connected in ways that they sometimes might not realize.

This book, however pleasing the synopsis was written, did not meet my expectations and was quite underwhelming. Carolyn Mackler does do a great job of fitting everything into four years of time passing, but it did feel very rushed and lacked details. It is somewhat understandable to a certain extent because the book would never end if it were told in much more depth. It is a bit hard to follow the plotline when the author switches quite often between characters (five, to be exact) and offers not too many suspenseful moments.

I recommend this novel to ages 11-14. The writing style is quite simple and easy, so not the best choice for anyone looking for a more sophisticated and meaningful read. However, if you want something you could read in a week with no challenge, this is the book for you.

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